Orion Consortium offers a generous employee benefit package available to all full-time employees.

Vacation & Holiday Pay

  •  Annual entiltement of ten days of paid leave upon completing your orientation period.
  • Your annual leave will increase with years of service on your fourth and eight anniversaries.
  • You can carry over up to 40 vacation hours from one year to the next.
  • Ten paid Federal Holidays in addition to your annual leave entitlement.
  •  Extended unpaid leave may be granted for medical, personal, military, or educational reasons, on a case-by-case basis.

Bereavement, inclement weather & jury duty

  • Orion Consortium will evaluate requests on a case by case basis.

Group Insurance Benefits


    • Basic Plan: Orion pays 70%
    • Premium Plan – Orion pays 70% of the basic plan and applies this amount to the premium plan; the employee then covers difference
    • Both plans include an employee funded Health Savings Account (HSA)

    Dental & Vision

    • Orion pays 70%

    Life, short-term & long-term disability insurance

    • Fully covered by Orion

    Supplemental short term disability

    • This elective benefit supplements Orion’s short term disability plan
    • Open to all employees

Financial Benefits


    • This elective 401k program is available to all full-time employees

    career & certification training

    • Orion employees have full access to a technical training center to help with career growth and job related certification achievement.
    • Our partner, National Technology Training Center, will offer available empty seating on their scheduled classes at no cost to our employees.  All reservations will be scheduled through Orion’s management office.

    Tuition Reimbursement Plan

    • Orion Consortium offers reimbursement for tuition and certifications relevant to position requirements on a case by case basis.
    • Only position relevant courses not offered by the National Technology Training Center will be eligible; pre-approval by Orion management is mandatory.
    • All requests will be evaluated and approved based on client justification.

    Direct deposit & credit union

    • Direct deposit is available to all Orion employees.
    • As an added bonus employees are eligible to join Tower Federal Credit Union and take advantage of a full range of quality financial services.

Employee Bonus Program

Extra-Hours Rate

      • When sanctioned by the customer, Orion offers Extra Hours rate for every work hour over the minimum for the pay period

Referral Bonus

    • Employee referral bonuses are based upon the position and contract the referral is hired for.
    • The bonus will be paid after the referred employee is hired by Orion Consortium and completes a trial period of 120 days.
    • Payment will be made at the end of the trial period in the form of 2 payments included with your regular scheduled payroll.